Floral Construction by Jen Jakobsen

Building and Spring are synonymous. At HUB we watch ground works get going as soon as the frosts have lifted and conditions permit.

With this in mind we were charmed by the building activity we discovered in Caxton Street at the former Blewcoat School. This enchanting and intact freestanding building was built in 1709 as a school for the poor, which closed in 1926. In 1954, it was purchased by the National Trust and used as an information centre. In 2013, designer Ian Stuart refurbished the interior to house his bridal, special occasion wear and evening gown collections.

As a Grade I listed building, there can be no radical plans to demolish and regenerate it. However outside, we noticed a frenzy of nest building covering the front railings and lightwells by Jens Jakobsen (www.jensjakobsen.co.uk). The building is well worth a visit in its own right but even more so, with Jens’ reminder of nature’s Spring renewal.  The Open Air Shop is Jens’ latest Wild project.