Chestnut House

Working closely with other consultants, Hub’s architects and interiors team developed detailed plans for all 10 houses at Wood Farm. Chesnut House was selected as the show-home. The furniture layouts, mechanical layouts, kitchen and bathroom designs and lighting plans were all considered at the earliest stages, alongside the structural decision making. This enabled the design team to seamlessly integrate services, providing a high specification house with minimal floor build up and retaining floor-space. At the same time we were able to meet the Code Level 3 for Sustainable Homes and accessibility standards for Life Time Homes.

Hub Interiors developed a range of materials that combine natural stone, leather and timber with contemporary finishes, glass, lacquer and porcelain, giving the Show house a light and airy glamour. The elements are all tied together with a carefully controlled colour palette, combining elegance with comfort.

Spatially, the ground floor axis run uninterrupted to the sides of the house through glazed double doorways. This creates vistas with key elements, a fireplace, a dining table and the family room all visible from the central hall. In this way light is bounced across the central hall throughout the day.

Hub developed numerous sections in order to understand every possible corner of the first floor, enabling the bedrooms and bathrooms to utilise every spare corner of the eaves. Care was taken to design profiles for uplighting the sloped bedroom ceilings and flattened ceiling zones were located to house cooling systems and provide lighting opportunities for wardrobe area.