Clarendon Place

HUB Architects were invited by a High End developer to provide Interior Design proposals and Architectural Details for the reconfiguration of a post war town-house located near Hyde Park.
The brief eventually allowed us to provide a full Architecture, Interior Design with FF&E service.

Following some analysis of the Residential expectation locally, HUB devised an eclectic scheme that referenced mid-century design with some Classical details.

Above all Hub wanted to create a slightly surreal atmosphere that would intrigue and engage.
The space planning allowed for maximum light and transparency to flow through the floors. At the same time the subdivision of space with arch ways and antechambers creates more intimate corners without closing the open plan form.
The provision of bespoke joinery has given us the opportunity to articulate and integrate cooling discretely. It has also allowed us to detail playful portals including a hidden entrance to a “Narnia” bathroom.
The unusually flowing stair handrail sits comfortably along side the Gio-Ponte style railings and door at the front of the original building, thus ensuring that the design intent is threaded throughout the building.