Kilburn Lane

HUB have submitted a planning application for a development of six duplex commercial units and nine residential units,
including a central courtyard for use of the occupants and the scheme is proposed to be car free. Working with Fruition Properties, HUB have already sought pre-application advice and held a public consultation with local residents and
community groups.

The existing site comprises of four poorly maintained vacant buildings around a linear central courtyard which will be demolished, existing boundary walls will be retained and will form the envelope of the proposals. Its location at a pinch point
on Kilburn Lane allows for the creation of a prominent building.
The proposed frontage will be a part three-storey façade with a further storey set back that gradually falls away as the building
line progresses towards the pinch point on the boundary, so that
it meets the scale and respects the existing terraces along
Kilburn Lane.

The proposed development will replicate the focal point that currently exists with a landscaped courtyard space within the
site, visible from Kilburn Lane through fretted patterned metal gates. Access will be made via a mews style gate into the inner courtyard, providing secure access to the commercial and residential units within. The courtyard will be transformed into
a green amenity space with living walls, trees in planters
and inventive seating.

The proposals are enhanced by the incorporation of brickwork detailing, adding texture and visual interest to the façade whilst providing a contemporary development. A light industrial
aesthetic for the commercial units echoes the site’s history as an agricultural dairy and subtle details picked up from surrounding terraces will be incorporated in a respectful manner.