In December 2019, HUB gained Planning Approval for Organ Hall.

Organ Hall is a new development, located on a transitional site between a suburban 20th century residential development and the rural countryside.

The Proposal is for the demolition of all the existing buildings on the site and replacement with new B1 Offices.
The character of the site has been preserved by retaining the substantial hedgerow along the main road. The buildings are in a traditional ‘U’ shaped yard layout. Accordingly, the activities within the site mainly happen within the central open space.

In addition, HUB designed the proposed buildings to have a rural appearance, similar in appearance and materiality to traditional barns found in Hertfordshire. These include natural clay roof tiles, Black stained feather-edged weather boarding, and facing brickwork plinths, dark framed windows.
Alongside this, the elements are appropriately sized to suit the character of the barn-like aesthetic. The form also allows ample natural daylight into the proposed workspaces within. HUB have positioned large portal openings to connect the user of the building to the landscape beyond. The openings capture the vistas of natural beauty of the Green Belt setting.

The inner courtyard façades are more playful in character, adding to the character of the scheme and providing a sense of place. Each arm of the courtyard has been purposefully designed to be unique. This is achieved by subtly adapting the hierarchy on the distinct principle elements that are derived from the same palette – to maintain coherence of the design.

HUB will be carrying this project to the Construction phases in 2020.