Pelham Crescent

HUB achieved planning approval for a new basement under the rear garden of this Grade II listed property in late 2014 after working closely with the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea planning department. We faced the challenge of extending the house without compromising the existing façade or breaching the existing height – the only way was down.
The property also features a traditional conservatory which replaces a run-down lean-to, repairs to the existing roof and minor internal alterations.
HUB’s design updates the layout of the house for the requirements of the family with a contemporary lifestyle. The new subterranean extension complements the existing spaces and allows the house to be upgraded to modern living standards.
The Lower Ground Floor comprises of an open plan Family Room with media and games facilities. Access to this area is gained from the existing basement floor.
The construction of the new basement, which takes up less than 85% of the garden footprint, includes excavating the soil for the basement by hand, constructing a reinforced concrete box on top of a concrete slab minimising the amount of disruption to the neighbouring properties.