About Us
For us, every project is a new challenge and deserves architecture and design of the highest quality. We do not specialise in specific building types or scales. All our projects engage and stimulate us regardless of size or budget. At HUB we like to ensure that interior-architectural opportunities are not designed out in the early stages of a project. With careful consideration for the final outcome of a project, we seek to fully understand the interior spaces and the users' requirements before we embark on the design of a building's shell and core. Any services, technologies and design accents are understood and brought to the fore in order to inform our delivery of a building's envelope and structural constraints. In this way HUB can function as the effective centre of a project. Our approach is built upon the input of clients, consultants and end users and our experience has taught us that open collaboration is crucial to the success and delivery of a project.  Careful consideration of the social environment, ecology and budget allows us to design and deliver places that are appropriate and adaptable. HUB has followed this simple ethos since Simon Watkins and Kate Spence established the practice in 2006, we find it works.
We Aim
We Know

That each project will involve:


We understand that the building we design for you is yours not ours. Your involvement is essential.

At the end of the process we like to think that we have…