Professionalism & Career Progression – the path to being a qualified Architect

Making the decision to undertake the final element (for most) of your architectural studies is a giant leap in the right direction towards finishing the lengthy career development also known as architectural education. In most cases the process of navigating all the ‘Parts’ (if UK educated or educated at an RIBA accredited school world-wide) is typically a little more drawn out than the minimum timeframe requirements – primarily as life happens.


This final challenge, better known as Part 3 is a true test of your capabilities to manage one’s time as efficiently as possible & it is here where you gain an influx of knowledge. The key is to assess applied knowledge and skill in relation to professional conduct and competence to practice as an architect – the prospectus based on the RIBA/ARB criteria, which are frequently updated in order to cover contemporary issues in practice as well as keeping afresh with current legislation and developments.


Once conquered, the achievement of Part 3, brings a myriad of responsibilities in relation to ethics, codes of conduct and most importantly CPD monitoring. The continual process of learning will never be foreign to a qualified architect. All for the better, being it for our future clients, our own professional development, running a successful practice, to maintain ones’ professionalism and protect the architectural profession, which is paramount. I’m glad to have reached this goal, now onto the next challenge that awaits.


I would highly recommend The Bartlett Part 3 Professional Studies course, they positively go above and beyond the minimum requirements which is incredibly beneficial.


by  J. Creighton (HUB Architect)