For one of our latest and newest projects, we have been tasked to create nine ‘vernacular and traditional style’ apartments in a new private housing development. With this in mind, we ventured out and enjoyed an inspirational field trip to the Red House in Bexleyheath.

Red House is the only house by the designer William Morris, who employed his friend, the architect, Philip Webb to create a rural family home, within commuting distance to central London. Morris found his inspiration within the Medievalism and Medieval-inspired Neo-Gothic styles, which are heavily reflected throughout the building and it’s interior design, making it an early example of the of what came to be known as the Arts and Crafts movement. Morris was helped with the decoration of his new home by his close friend, the painters Edward Burne-Jones, who created various stained-glass windows and wall murals, as well as embroidery by Janey and Bessie Burden.

And there it was, our inspiration. Based on the style of the area and surrounding properties, we are lending this project elements of the Arts and Crafts movement in our choice of locally inspired materials, design features and contextual approbation details. Hopefully we will be able to share the approved concept with our followers very soon.


By D. Placek (HUB Architect) & K. Horn (HUB Office Manager)