Rossana kitchens

When Hub were formed in 2006, the world of luxury kitchens had emerged with flagship stores lining the streets of Wigmore Street. The kitchens on offer had been taken to a new level of finest cabinet making alongside meticulous engineered solutions for cooking with a finely tuned array of seamless, smooth-functioning cabinets and appliances.

It was at this time that we met Darren Miller, who worked with Pedini and later opened a flagship showroom for Milla kitchens. We could see then that Darren’s sense of style and understanding of the English market raised the bar on many levels. Whether it was his vision for the articulation of a new showroom installation or the commitment that Darren offered to each project, he would strive tirelessly to maximise every design opportunity.

It was therefore with interest that Simon and Kate attended the launch of Rossana kitchen showroom on Duke Street. Since 2012, Darren has worked with the Italian brand to place them in the English market. Although a well-established name in Italy, Rossana had previously not expanded in to the UK. However, as Darren explained to us last night, he shared a vision and passion for design with Rossana, he felt that together they could bring something very special to the British market.

At the launch of Rossana UK’s first showroom last night our high expectations for this vision were confirmed. The Rossana installations filled two storeys with sumptuous, artisan crafted, materials. Innovation lead the design at each turn. The highest quality design was evident throughout from the re-invention of a tall unit, the smooth articulation of a Rossana hinge or the gorgeous honed leather polished stone work top generously bull-nosed in bronze. As Darren’s assistant, Chanda Pandya explained, the unique Italian stone seems to come from “God’s land”. There is indeed a sublime, unworldliness surrounding this reinvention of the World of Luxury kitchens.