Shared Spaces

At Hub we are very aware of the importance of “Sense of Place”. We like to create places where people love to be. If this creative process is a shared experience then the place carries even more significance. An example of this, Mapesbury Dell, is located near to Hub’s office. It is an extraordinary place. An exquisite shared garden and playground offering the perfect respite from the challenges of busy Urban Dwelling. As you enter the Dell gates, the rose-covered arches and brick walled pathway work their magic, a hinterland between the busy Edgware Road and a Secret Garden. This place, now one of the few Green Flag registered parks in London, is not only outstanding because of the gorgeous planting, sitting, gathering and play spaces it harbours but because of a secret ingredient, the love of its surrounding community.

In 2000, a few local residents decided that this green space, known at the time as the Hoveden Road Play Area, was too valuable to go to waste. With the full support of the local Residents Association, here began the big campaign to transform the area into the beautiful park it deserved to be. Although it is owned by Brent Council, legal agreements were made for the future running of the Dell through a steering committee comprised of representatives of the Trust and Brent Parks, and Brent Council entered a binding covenant ensuring that the Dell will be kept as a park for the next 80 years. The most recent project saw the installation of a children’s wigwam and train to add to the beautiful mix of ponds, bulrushes, pirate ship and lawn. Under the direction of Gill, Sheelagh and Tom, Simon Watkins (Hub Partner) joined local volunteers, along with Kilburn Cosmos Rugby team last weekend to dig, shift, install and upgrade.